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There are several kinds of materials for patio available on the market ...

Unfortunately there is no perfect patio materials known to date. Therefore advisors Patio Deck-Art you will present a wide range by sharing with you the pros and cons of each, so you can make informed choices and appropriate to the needs of your new patio.

Does it maintain its patio annually for five to eight years, or never? Indeed, a patio timber such as treated pine, cedar and even exotic wood requires a protective layer annual and even twice a year in the wetter areas, such as deck around the pool or spa. Luckily, we must protect the horizontal surfaces of the patio, because they are more prone to weathering. As for vertical surfaces, once every five or eight years will prove sufficient to keep a beautiful appearance to the patio.

A patio with minimum maintenance, that is to say, a hybrid deck. This is a new concept developed by Patio Deck-Art. A patio designed for various materials. A product durable and maintenance free (TREX composite or recycled plastic etc..) Will be installed at Perishable horizontal surfaces such as floors, top of stairs, etc.. To complement the patio a natural material such as cedar, wood roasted or treated wood will be installed on vertical surfaces and you get a virtually maintenance-free patio with a natural look very cheaply!

Screws, bolts, nails, etc.. Used for the construction of a patio should be stainless steel or galvanized, AND NOTHING ELSE. Screws green ceramic, zinc, etc.., Oxidize very rapidly in contact with ACQ content in treated wood and severely damage your patio a few years ago.

Patio Deck-Art can offer you a wide selection of patio products such as maintenance-free aluminum, PVC, wood composites, fiberglass and plastic recycled.


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